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Declutter Your Home in Basking Ridge, NJ with Neatly Placed

You’re looking for an accountability partner, strategy, and new ideas for using your space.

Luckily, you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what I provide!

Hi, I’m Corie Yeager, owner of Neatly Placed.

If you’re ready to take action and stop living with clutter, then let’s partner together and achieve your goals!

Decluttering is a personal journey and our partnership is built on trust. That’s why I always do a free phone consult so we can chat and establish whether we’re a good fit, contact me to start the journey to declutter your home in Basking Ridge, NJ, today. 

Corie Yeager

"Thank you Corie for helping me organize my closet. You are excellent in seeing an organizing need and putting a plan together to reach goals. My needs and goals were met."


This isn’t a junk removal service. Because we’re not dealing with junk - we’re organizing your belongings. Whether they’re sentimental clothes your children wore decades ago, the bills and papers that have been piling on your table for weeks, or your pantry staples, they deserve respect.

My style is to work with you as you create the transformation you want to see. It’s a million times easier to maintain clear spaces when you’ve been a part of the process of choosing a system to use.

Are you looking for a closet organizer? If you’ve been staring at your closet, stumped as to how you can possibly use a dysfunctional space to hold all of your clothes, then don’t worry - I bring tons of ideas and options to each project. And I don’t partner with specific brands, which means you get my unbiased recommendations on storage containers, too!

My clients are shocked at just how smooth and even fun the process can be when we’re approaching it together.

And of course, the outcome is what we’re really after: A home that lets you live your life without constraints.

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A Pantry Filled with Glass Jars of Various Ingredients

Have you ever noticed how much time it takes, and how much stress it adds to your day when you have to hunt for that sweater you know you have… but it’s not in any of the usual places? Or when you have to find that one bill in a huge stack of mail… or when you have to face a Jenga-like arrangement of bins and boxes every time you approach your craft area?

My organizing services go beyond decluttering to creating storage systems that enable your life to run more efficiently. Whether that’s how to sort and store your mail, or how to keep your pantry from accumulating 23 cans of beans and three bottles of cinnamon… only to expire at the back of the shelf and have to be replaced later.

“I actually breathe a sigh of relief when I walk in” my clients said of one of her newly cleared rooms. That can be you too. Give me a call today, and let’s chat about the environment you want to create in your home.

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