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The Professional Organizer in Summit, NJ

I’m here to be your professional organizer in Summit, NJ, I also work in Bridgewater, NJ, Basking Ridge, NJ, and the surrounding area . My company, Neatly Placed, offers several packages that let you meet your goals efficiently. Unsure where to start? My most popular offering is the 12-hour package. It is usually sufficient for taking one room or two smaller areas of your home from chaos to calm.   

My goal is simple: to help you live a better, less cluttered life. With my help, you can:

• Know exactly where every item of clothing you own is, saving you time every single morning thanks to reliable home organization.

• Shop with confidence, never worrying that you might purchase a duplicate by accident, because you already know what you own.

• Skip the cortisol rush that happens every time your mother-in-law says she’s in the neighborhood and wants to pop-in.

"Corie brought life and order to my beloved craft closet! She listened attentively to my thoughts and intentions for the closet and offered innovative solutions- using my existing storage containers while introducing me to additional options. Never judging, Corie put me at complete ease and has instilled a true desire within me to organize other parts of my home!"

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Hourly Rate and Packages

As your go-to personal home organizer, my work is all about freedom. That includes choosing the best package for your needs. Take advantage of options like:

• 12 Hours—$627 (5% Savings)
• 24 Hours—$1188 (10% Savings)
36 Hours—$1584 (20% Savings best value!)
• In-Person Assessments—$65 (Fee Waived If A Package Is Purchased At Time Of Assessment!)
• Hourly Rate—$55

"Corie helped transform my messy office into a work space that has order, neatness and a new, organized system. She was patient and kind as we went through years worth of junk piles and gently had me assess what to keep, file & throw away. I recommend her highly!"


How do I get started?
Give me a quick call or use the contact form on this site. We’ll start with a fast, 20-minute conversation about your goals and timeframe, then set up an in-person, hour-long meeting to assess, lay out a plan, and review the specifics.

How long will my project take?
Decluttering your home is a personal process, so the time varies. At the end of each session, I give an updated estimate for how many hours remain.

Do I need to be there while you’re working on my home?
Neatly Placed utilizes a co-creative approach where your values and goals are central to each step of the process. Since the work involves your belongings and making decisions about how you use them, it’s important that you’re present.

Someone I know could really benefit from your services. Can I put you in touch with him/her? 
I work with clients who are willing to dive in and create a calm, peaceful home, which means waiting until someone is ready for help.

What if I need to cancel one of our sessions?
If you’ll need to cancel a session just give me 24 hours’notice to avoid being charged.

How do I pay for the home organizing sessions?
Payment is due at the end of each work session and is accepted via cash, check, or major credit card. All packages are payable in advance. Returned checks are subject to a $30 charge.

What areas of my home can you help with?
If there’s a trouble spot or a magnet for clutter, I can help you with it.

Contact me today to book an organizing package that’s right for you. I proudly serve Basking Ridge, NJ, and the surrounding areas.