Neatly Placed is Fully Insured


Whether you’re focused on one clutter hot spot, or
you’re looking for a full-house declutter, I offer
packages that fit your goals.

Not sure where to start? My most popular offering is the 12- hour package. It gives you 2 - 3 in-depth organizing sessions and is usually sufficient for taking one room or two smaller areas of your home from chaos to calm.  

Imagine what it would be like to:

• Know exactly where every item of clothing you own is, saving you time every single morning.

• Shop with confidence, never worrying that you might purchase a duplicate by accident, because you already know what you own.

• Host overnight guests with pride, knowing that their room is a sanctuary, not a storage room.

• Never have to say “well I didn’t put out those decorations this year because I couldn’t find them in the attic/garage/basement”

• Get rid of that cloud hanging over your head like a term paper whenever you think about all your grown children's items waiting to be sorted.

• Look forward to walking into your home after a busy day of work, knowing you’ll be flooded with peace and calm as soon as you walk into your clean rooms - free from piles of paperwork and miscellaneous things that never seem to have a home.

• Skip the cortisol rush that happens every time your mother-in-law says she’s in the neighborhood and wants to pop-in.

• Not feel embarrassed when your friend opens the fridge to re-stock the cheese plate at your next party.

• Finally have that spa-like master suite all the magazines and Pinterest images show - free from those piles of worn-once-but-not-dirty-yet clothes.

Here’s the thing. Those aren’t dreams. Those aren’t the stuff of Instagram photo shoots. Those are all outcomes you deserve. So let’s get you there this month. No more putting up with clutter. No more putting off arranging things how you’d really like them.

You’ve already made the decision to get organized, now it’s just a matter of taking that second step and setting up a consult. You’re already on your way to #housegoals!

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It's Time For a Change

Packages & Hourly Rates

• 12 Hours—$627 (5% Savings)
• 24 Hours—$1188 (10% Savings)
36 Hours—$1584 (20% Savings best value!)
• In-Person Assessments—$65 (fee waived if a package is purchased at time of assessment!)
• Hourly Rate—$55

How to Get Started

Give me a quick call or submit the contact form to schedule a phone consult. It’ll be a quick 20 minute call where we discuss:

• The project you have in mind
• The timeframe/goals of the project

Then we’ll set up an in-person assessment, which is a 1-hour meeting at your home so we can:

• Assess the current situation
• Figure out what’s working for you in the space, and what’s not working
• Discuss basic tips and ideas for getting started with organizing your space
• Review logistics including budget, goals, and timeline

"Corie helped transform my messy office into a work space that has order, neatness and a new, organized system. She was patient and kind as we went through years worth of junk piles ad gently had me assess what to keep, file & throw away. I recommend her highly!"

Questions Clients Ask Before Booking

How long will my project take?
Each project varies depending on how many items we need to sort through, and how long the decision making process takes for each item. To make it easier for you to anticipate how much we’ll accomplish within your package I always do a recap with you at the end of each session and give an updated estimate for how many hours remain.

Do I need to be there while you’re working on my home?
Neatly Placed is based on a co-creative approach where your values and goals are accounted for at each step of the way. Since we’ll be working with your belongings and making decisions about what can be given away vs what you want to keep, and which items you use on a regular basis vs which can be stored, it’s important that you’re present. If you’re moving into a new home, or have a busy schedule and need assistance when you can’t be present, let me know during our phone consult and we can discuss options.

I think my relative or friend could really benefit from your services, can I put you in touch with him/her?
I work with clients who are ready and willing - excited even - to dive in and create a calm, peaceful home filled with only objects that have utility or bring pleasure. If the homeowner isn’t ready to seek out an organizer and partner in the process, there are other specialists that would be a better fit. However, I do believe organizing can be a great gift! If you know someone who's ready to get organized, ask me about gift certificates.

What if I need to cancel one of our sessions?
I know life gets busy, so if you’ll need to cancel a session just give me 24 hrs notice to avoid being charged.

How do I pay for the sessions?
Payment is due as the end of each work session and is accepted via cash, check or major credit card. All packages are payable in advance. Please keep in mind that returned checks are subject to a $30 charge.

What areas of my home can you help with?
If there’s a trouble spot or a magnet for clutter, I can help you with it:
• Basement
• Bathrooms
• Bedrooms
• Closets
• Craft Rooms
• Dining Rooms
• Game Rooms
• Kitchens
• Cabinets
• Pantries
• Laundry Rooms
• Living Rooms
• Mud Rooms
• Play Rooms